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[CONCEPT] My Heart Is Broken by Evanescence

This is a concept for the music video of the second single of the recently edited self-titled Evanescence's album. The song chosen as a single after the explosive "What You Want" is the rock ballad My Heart Is Broken. With my own interpretation of the lyrics, I ended up creating a story to be told with this song with what could be an epic Evanescence video.

(concept idealized for the original version of the song, with 4:30 minutes)

The video starts with Amy, wearing a light colored dress. She's sneaking out of a room with a key on her hand that she has just found and on one of the walls she notices some photos of different women and newspaper articles about those same missing women. She's one of them. When she finally gets out of the room, we can see a man sitting on a couch watching TV. She walks carefully behing him, towards the door to escape.

Amy is finally outside. We see a house in the woods with a porch, from which she runs as fast as she can.

With the piano coming in, we see the first "performance moment" with a close up to Amy's hands playing the addictive main melody of the song. In between we see her running desperately in the woods, with no idea of where to go. Close to the end of this section, there's a scene on the inside of the house again, showing The Man realizing that she's not there anymore.

With the guitars, come in the furious steps of that man into the screen. We see him running after her.
The chasing scene is interspersed with shots of the band performing on the top of a hill. Behind them there's the woods, and right on the edge it's Amy and her magnificent piano which have the feet merging into the ground as if they were roots of a tree. Amy is wearing a long light dress, with many layers of silk floating with the wind.

When we finally get to the chorus, we see The Man reaching Amy. She fights to free herself from his hands, but she's week and ends up quitting.

The second verse shows Amy going back to the house, dragged by The Man. On their way, there's something that she starts to see in between the trees. The women's spirits that she saw on that wall are there with her. As they come closer, we are shown some shots of bits of what was their story: the way The Man treated them, how they died, how he actually cared for them in a sick way, how he even suffered crying over their dead bodys... By getting closer, they are also trying to give strength to Amy so she can release herself from that Man's arms and run again. Until the end of this section, we start to see some bits of Amy singing (another "performance moment") inside the house, standing in the center of the living room with flames all around her.

During the second chorus, Amy hurts him on his eyes somehow and finally frees herself. We see the band again, performing on top of the hill, as we see him running after her.

The Man gets to the same top of the hill we've been seeing the Band performing and he's surprised not to see Amy. He goes closer to the edge, wandering if she would have jumped.

03:10 "Say good bye..."
Amy suddenly shows up, behind him. When he turns around, he not only sees her but every women he once kidnaped. They all fly into him, as spirits that they are, making him "fly" of the hill.

We see an amazing shot coming from below, showing all the greatness of that hill where Amy is playing her magnificent piano with the band behing supporting her. There can be some images in between as well from the other "performance moment" with Amy inside the burning house.

Amy, the only one left on the top of the hill after The Man "jumped", starts slowly running back to the house. She knows she still needs to do something for those women. When she gets there, she starts spreading gasoline all around and sets fire to everything. She's now in the middle of the house, surrounded by flames all around. The spirits of the women that were still lingered to that house show up again, surrounding her. They're finally about to be free. With the last chorus the wooden house starts to crumble. Amy is still on the inside. The band still shows up playing for bits and pieces.

With the end of the song, we see Amy standing up, from the burned ground, surrounded by aches. As she stands, a wind-whirl of smoke flys up from her: the spirits that protected her from the flames are finally free from that house that trapped all of them for so long. As she is now.

Amy Lee, the vocalist of Evanescence, asked the fans to send their ideas for the video of this song if they had any. Here's mine. Let's see if I can make it get to her! :)

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